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Selling estate jewelry and watches to Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer is a quick and secure process. The first step is to call Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer to arrange a confidential appraisal of your gift assets. Our free jewelry, watch, and diamond appraisals involve no risk or obligations. Your free verbal appraisal will be provided at our private buying office on Bluebonnet Boulevard in Baton Rouge.

You will then meet a Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer representative with your estate jewelry or other luxury item. Your free verbal jewelry appraisal and consultation usually takes less than 30 minutes–after which you will receive a fair and immediate cash offer for your fine jewelry, diamond, or high-brand watch. You may then accept our cash offer or simply accept your jewelry appraisal as our free gift.

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Why Does Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer Make Higher Cash Offers?

Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer consistently provides the highest diamond and jewelry appraisals because our market appraisals are based on the worldwide estate market for luxury goods–whereas other Baton Rouge and Louisiana jewelry buyers ordinarily appraise the value of your estate jewelry or timepiece on how much they can sell it for locally.

Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer pays you more cash today because our client base includes some of the same buyers who purchase extraordinary estate jewelry and valuable timepieces at auction houses like Christie’s, Antiquorum, and Sotheby’s. We also have a global network of retail buyers that includes high-street stores in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and other major cities. Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer takes into consideration the market demand among our entire global resale network when accurately appraising the market value of your previously-owned fine jewelry and timepieces.

Sell jewelry the smart way. Contact Baton Rouge Jewelry Buyer today to schedule your free verbal jewelry appraisal. Let our Louisiana jewelry buyers help you get the extra cash that you deserve for your diamond, watch and jewelry assets.

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